Fishing at the Lawns

The Lawns & Lakes Camping Site

Fishing at the Lawns and Lakes

Relax and unwind next to the tranquil waters, where wildlife is in abundance

Fishing  At The Lawns & Lakes

Every Successful fishery has rules, ours are simple and are for the benefit of the fish stock first and anglers second.  Please ensure you familiarize yourself with our rules and obey them at all times whilst on the fishery, thanks in advance!

Fishery Rules and Regulations - Neither the fishery nor any of its bailiff staff shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to, or theft of property howsoever caused.  Ticket holders shall not be entitled to make claims against the fishery or any of its servants in respect of any such damage, loss, theft or injury.

Fishing Rules for the Lawns & Lakes

  • Nets and landing mats must be completely dry from your last days fishing, to stop KHV being introduced in this fishery
  • No Lead core or leaders to be used.  Rig tubing is a must on both lakes
  • No keep nets or carp sacks to be used, only good quality landing nets and mats
  • All fish to be returned to lakes in under 5 minutes
  • Fishermen and Fisher ladies must be in possession of a quality unhooking mat that is fit for purpose, these will be checked by bailiff team
  • No fish to be removed or introduced
  • No rods must be left unattended at any time
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult angler
  • No damage to wildlife or property.  All litter to be removed from fishery
  • No fires, no firearms or BBQ's near the lakes' swims
  • All dogs must be on a lead at all times around the lakes
  • No trespassing on surrounding land and wildlife areas
  • Radios, Ipods and cassette players only to be used with headphones
  • No food tins to be brought on to fishery
  • Ground bait in moderate amounts only - up to 1kg in one 12 session
  • No swimming or wading in any of the lakes
  • All anglers are asked to use the designated swims and pathways provided
  • Each angler must be in possession of the appropriate N.R.A License
  • No excessive baiting maximum 1kg bollies and only house pellet brought on site must be used in a 12 hour session
  • Barbless hooks only must be used on both lakes no crushed barb hooks.  Rig checks will be done by the bailiff team
  • No floating baits or zig rigs are permitted on any of the lakes
  • Nuts of all types are banned from both lakes
  • if you see any distressed fish please report to the bailiffs' team
  • Rig safety is a must, if you have any doubt please contact one of the Bailiff team

Fishing Prices

  • Day Ticket £8.
  • Week Ticket £48

Hope you enjoy using our lakes, best wishes

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